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What is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC)

RCC's have:
  • Minimum of a Masters degree (i.e. Social Work, Psychology)
  • Completed 100 clinical supervision hours with a qualified professional
  • additional training in specialized areas
  • annual registration fees
  • liability insurance coverage
  • ongoing Professional development

What can I expect from our work?

I believe the most important factor to counselling is the therapeutic relationship. I show up in a genuine and authentic way and will work collaboratively to support you in reaching your identified goals. 
Research has shown that engaging with counselling on a consistent basis can provide the best results. I would encourage weekly or bi-weekly scheduled sessions. With both consistency and frequency of sessions it can allow for the growth of self-efficacy and empowerment to reach your goals and create lasting change.

How much are sessions? 

Individual sessions: $150/50 mins.  present I do not charge GST, however in future I will be and notice will go to clients before that increase occurs)
Couple/Family sessions: $175 for 50 mins OR $200 for 80 mins. (*)
Please see 'Home' page for section on Accessible fees
Pay It Forward: if you are able to pay a bit extra to support with the accessbile fees fund that can be arranged.

What if I am unable to make a booked session?

Life happens & things can come up last minute which may make it impossible to make a session. 
I try and accomodate this reality by providing 1 missed session without notice, free of charge.
After that, I do require 24 hrs. notice for cancellation of a session. If that is not provided you will be charged the full rate of the session missed.
I like to provide available times to waitlisted clients for an intake or session.

Do you offer in person counselling?

Yes, I have a contract with The Neurodiversity Family Centre and see clients @ 1627 Fort Street.
In my private practice I see people at 1820 D Oak Bay Avenue.

Do you offer direct billing to insurance providers?

I do not provide direct billing but am able to provide you a receipt that you can then submit to your health care provider.
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