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My Approach

As a queer, transguy, and adoptive parent to a neurospicy child, I prioritize the importance of seeing people as complex, nuanced, and unique beings. I strive to keep my practice flexible, authentic, holistic, and avoid ‘one size fits all’ approaches that attempt to fit folx into little boxes. Life has probably done this enough already, so you deserve a space that will see you for who you are and your ways of being in the world.

My practice is grounded in trauma-informed, neurodiverse-affirming, and gender affirming care. I provide a space for you to explore what matters most to you, where you are the expert in your life and I am here as a guide to support you with your goals.

My approach is primarily informed by the following. For accessibility, I have provided brief write ups on a few ways each approach can be engaged in:

  • Managing difficult thoughts and feelings so their impact and influence over you is reduced. Clarifying your values so they can motivate and empower you to make the changes you want in your life. (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

  • Continuing to build emotional resilience and shifting that self-critical voice to one of compassion and self-kindness (Mindfulness Self-Compassion)

  • Neurodiversity is not something that is 'bad', 'wrong', needing to be changed, or about 'problematic behaviors'. It is recognizing, and acknowledging that neurodiversity is a difference (not a deficit) and ways of knowing, being, and responding need to be inclusive of neurodiverse folx (Neurodiversity Affirming Care)

My approach is also influenced by:

  • Separating yourself from problems and concerning behaviors that have become internalized based on the stories you tell yourself. Stories can be rooted in messaging you received and experiences you have encountered. Reminding you, you are not the stories you tell yourself (Narrative Therapy)

  • Connecting the important relationship between the mind and body, through various exercises such as breathwork, meditation, grounding, sensation awareness, body awareness, and movement (Somatic approaches)

I aim to create and provide a space where you feel seen, heard, supported, and empowered to make connections and continue to grow and heal.

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