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Hormone Readiness Assessments (HRA)

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health Standards of Care requires an assessment before hormone therapy is started. Care in B.C. is guided by Version 8 of the Standards (WPATH SOC-8), which were published in 2022. 


I provide hormone readiness assessments for transgender, non-binary, gender diverse, genderqueer adults looking for gender-affirming care/hormones. As a transgender person who has gone through the HRA process I recognize the importance of letting folx know upfront that the assessment is not about gatekeeping nor evaluating whether a person is "trans enough." It is an opportunity to have conversations in a non-judgemental, person-centered, and strengths-based way to explore hormone therapy, and any related questions and/or concerns. 

I recommend a free 15 minute consultation before starting the HRA. This consultation provides an opportunity for me to gather the clients prescribing provider information (the person who will be initiating hormone therapy) whether that is a family GP (general practitioner), NP (nurse practitioner), or an Endocrinologist, to find out if they will accept an assessment from a RCC.  Each prescriber will likely have a differing practice around this and in support of a clients pathway to care I want to ensure confirmation of acceptance is obtained.

Assessment may take longer if someone has physical health, mental health or substance use issues. These concerns are not barriers to hormone therapy, but need to be considered when making a plan for treatment. Please see below for information on a Standard HRA.


Note that “Real Life Experience” is no longer a requirement for hormone therapy. Version 7 of the Standards of Care removed this requirement and Version 8 maintains this change. 

Standard HRA 


  • Two 50 minute sessions

  • Informed Consent Paperwork

  • Letter of Assessment 

Fee: $300  (*please note: I do hold some accessible fee sessions [see home page]. If this applies, inquire to see if any openings)

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